Healing Horses for the Armed Forces

Lucy and soldierWho We Serve

The Healing Horses for the Armed Forces program serves active duty and veteran service members as well as their family members. Sessions are open to the service member, their spouse, and their children free of charge.

Why Military? 

Post-traumatic stress and the lingering effects of war are the invisible wounds that many service members carry with them as a result of their service to our country. The Iraq and Afghanistan wars have been prolonged and many service members serve multiple deployments. During deployments they form a bond that is unfortunately rarely found in civilian life.

These frequent and sometimes long deployments can have negative effects on not only the service member, but their family, too. Reintegration back into the family can be challenging, as spouses, children, and service members alike seek to settle into normality after extended periods apart.

The service member who has been highly trained for a mission knows his duty and place in the world. Once they are discharged of their duties they begin to wonder what is next. What is my next mission? How do I reconnect with my family after being apart for so long? What purpose do I serve? What about my buddies who I left behind? These questions remain unanswered throughout an often confusing transition back into civilian life, often leading our veterans into a spiral of depression.

Here at Eagle’s Nest Ranch, our desire is to offer support to our nation’s service members and veterans by creating a safe place for them to adjust, reconnect, and to remind them that there is always hope no matter what they have faced.

Horses can help in the process. Horses are fight or flight creatures, a prey animal versus a predator. Service members can relate to a horse’s way of survival. Horses can then be the teacher on how to survive and adapt to new surroundings in a new herd (civilian life). Since horses respond to our energy and behavior, they teach us how to relate and approach others. They teach us about ourselves. This helps the service member or family member learn how to relate as well.

Horses have led our military into battle over centuries of conflict. At Eagle’s Nest Ranch, they serve as steadfast companions in a service member’s journey home.